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Discover Harriet Bishop

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Harriet Bishop


We know that students learn best when they feel safe and part of a supportive community. Through our RRES program (Respectful, Responsible, Engaged and Safe) we stress common behavior expectations, reward those who demonstrate it, and model it on a daily basis.


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Harriet Bishop embraces and develops the strengths of each individual (students, staff and family members) who walks through our doors. Our mission is to provide a rigorous curriculum within a flexible environment for a diverse population of students in order to develop the gifts and strengths of each child. We believe children flourish in an environment that allows them to be self-directed learners and socially responsible citizens. By engaging in various learning experiences that promote cognitive, emotional, physical, social and artistic growth, students develop an identity of their authentic selves as well as a global awareness.

Our students learn to capitalize on their potential through learning experiences, choices and collaboration with peers. We foster and recognize critical thinking and accomplishment, and expect excellence. 

We believe in a family-first environment that puts love and human connection at the core of everything we do each day. 


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Responsive Instruction

Everything we do is geared toward meeting the needs of our students. From adjusting our daily schedule to ensure teachers have time to work & plan together, to pursuing a “push-in” model of intervention that stresses small group instruction and fosters a culture of shared responsibility, we are committed to academic success.